The Best Walk-behind Lawn Mower Reviews By Consumer Reports

There are different types of lawn mowers available starting from the manual ones to robotic ones. The walk-in lawn mowers are quite popular, and they have several advantages over riding model. You can have better control and maneuverability. You can get rid of the obstacles instantly without getting on and off the mower. Not just that, you can mow confined spaces effectively. It is especially important in steep terrains. Check out the top 5 best walk-behind lawn mowers below.

5 Best Walk-behind Lawn Mowers Reviews By Consumer Reports;

1. Greenworks Corded Lawn Mower

This walk-behind lawn mower requires manual driving, and you can start it with a push button. This is a three-in-one product that includes a rear bag and a side discharge. This can mulch and is a very functional item. Moreover, you can easily adjust the height of the mower with a single lever according to your convenience and is very easy to store.

This comes in a folding design that provides a compact housing. Furthermore, this includes a steel deck, which is very durable. It also houses a powerful motor that will deliver effective performance. It has easy gliding wheels that can move on different surfaces with ease.

What I like:
  • Drive manually and quick start with push button.
  • Operates evenly and handle all kinds of lawns.
  • Adjustable handles and easy storage.

2. American Lawn Mower Company Lawn Mower

Available in eco-friendly design, this lawn mower can be a perfect replacement for a gas or power mowers, and you can easily assemble. It comes with blades made of alloy and will remain sharp for a longer time. Moreover, this can tackle a different type of grasses, and you can easily adjust the height of the mower.

Furthermore, it is safe for the environment as it does not emit gas. It is lightweight and moves effortlessly without any hassle. This is easy to operate and does not require much effort. This has low maintenance and will save you money.

What I like:
  • Greater mowing capacity and eco-friendly.
  • Tackles different types of terrains and obstacles.
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to store.

3. BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower

This is a very lightweight lawn mower that will deliver efficient performance. This is a three-in-one tool, and you can easily convert it to a trimmer and edger. It houses a powerful 6.5 amp motor that can take care of toughest grass. Moreover, this is very convenient to use and comes with the feature of automatic feed spool that will save you time.
In this, you will find the feature of a cord retention system that avoids any kind of accidental disconnection.

Furthermore, this includes an adjustable handle that allows people with different heights to use it. It will let you have maximum control and provides good stability.

What I like:
  • Great performance and lightweight.
  • Convertible tools for effective result.
  • Comfortable to use and save you time.

4. Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower

With the ability to deliver efficient performance, this lawn mower is very easy to start and has a push button. This has an electric motor and is quick to perform. This comes with a cord extending up to 100 feet and is in a compact design. Furthermore, this requires less space to store and includes easy rolling tires.

It also has adjustable height providing user convenience and includes a detachable grass catcher. Moreover, this will allow you to have free movement and is suitable for a yard of up to ¼ acre. This has a stylish design and is very safe for your family and environment.

What I like:
  • Quick starts with a push button.
  • Easy storage and stylish look.
  • Efficiently mows a ¼ acre of yard.

5. Remington Gas Push Lawn Mower

Providing you with a powerful engine, this lawn mower has the ability to mow uneven grasses with comfort. It comes with 21-inch rust-resistant steel deck which allows you to work efficiently without any hassle. Moreover, it is prepared with 6 dual- lever function for adjusting the height of the mower and an adjustable grip for better performance.

Furthermore, it has easy gliding wheels that can move in various kinds of surfaces. This includes sure cut blades which will circulate as you mow grasses and will allow you free movement. The engine and cutting decks are highly durable, and you can cut broader lawns with ease and comfort.

What I like:
  • Adjustable handles and grip for smooth performance.
  • Powerful engine to mow lawns with ease.
  • Tough wheels to tackle irregular surfaces.


Even though the rider lawn mowers are quite useful for an entender lawn, there are several disadvantages which are taken care of in the walk-behind lawn mowers. You can mow the tight corners and confined spaces and keep track easily of the area that you have mowed. In fact, there are many who use a riding lawn mower and then use the walk-behind lawn mower for the leftover parts. Go through the products and select the best ones as per your requirements.

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